Recently, Deputy Secretary of Shanghai Committee and Mayor of Shanghai launched their investigation into the construction of Eco-island in Chongming County. On Aug 27, with the investigation team, they inspected “Design Harvests” Youth Entrepreneurship Base in Xianqiao Village which is located in Shuxin Town of Chongming County.
Nov. 9, 2013, on the Cumulus Conference 2013 in Dublin, Ireland, it announced that Prof.LOU Yongqi was elected as new Vice Chairman.
The “Design Harvests” project was invited to represent Shanghai Municipal to join Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne held between 14 and 31 March, 2013.
Hi, Design Harvests is going to have our harvests day in the demonstration field of Xianqiao Village in Chongming Island!
Venue:: Shanghai Exhibition Center
Duration: 5-11 Sep, 2013
Venue:: Cite du Design
Duration: May- Apr, 2013
Venue:: Industrial Exhibition Hall of Shenzhen Civic Centre
Duration: Dec, 2012- Feb, 2013